Registration Fee $35 (yearly)

September 2023 Tuition is due on September 1st, unless registered after the 1st. Then it's due through the registration process.

Monthly Pricing:

​30 min class                                          $45.00
45 min class                                          $55.00
60 min class                                          $65.00 

1st family member monthly cap at $275 for ages 12-18, $215 for ages 7-11, $175 for ages 7 and under.

Two students: Monthly cap of $525, $400 for 9 & under siblings, More than two students: Monthly Family cap of $650 (all ages)

Production/Recital Performance Fee
Recital Dancers (includes video)
$125 per dancer
Company Dancers (includes video)
$175 per dancer

(This fee is non-refundable once paid.)

Costume Fee

$85 for each (For all classes except tumbling)

$45-65 for Tumbling & Boys Hiphop

(These fees are non-refundable once paid.)

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Fall Tuition & Fees